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Wanderings in Place

Wanderings in Place
I blink in wonderment of God's art,
of which we glimpse but a hint,
but to amaze and rejoice and lift
one's brush, one's voice, one's pen. To praise Him, to please Him, for Him.
So humbly, woefully, artfully we try.
Why art but to remind us all of His glory?

Michael Finch is a passionate advocate of preserving America's freedom and liberties. In his second collection of poetry, Finch touches on love and loss, America, God, and our place in the world.

Finch's poems reflect on a variety of relatable topics that lament a different America, community, nature, and our changing and trying times. His verse explores the Lord's embrace on a heavenly day; a smile that carries all the worries away; a wind-whispered valley of bluegrass, wild oak, and willows that weep in the fading sun of a cooling autumn calm; and the gentle reminders of all of God's glory.

Wanderings in Place is a volume of inspirational poems that transport us back to a lost America that hopefully will be awakened one day again.

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2019
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