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Personalized Pre-orders for Lana Harper's "In Charm's Way!"

Pre-order a PERSONALIZED copy of IN CHARM'S WAY, 
by bestselling author Lana Harper! 



A witch struggling to regain what she has lost casts a dangerous spell and finds much more than she expected in this enchanting new romcom by New York Times bestselling Lana Harper.

Seven months after having been hit by an accidental power surge that nearly obliterated her memory, Delilah Harlow is still picking up the pieces. Her once diamond-sharp mind has become shaky and unreliable, and bristly, self-sufficient Delilah is forced to rely on friends, family, and her raven familiar for help. In an effort to reclaim her wits and former independence, she casts a forbidden blood spell meant to harness power with healing capacities.

While the spell does restore clarity, it also unexpectedly turns Delilah into an irresistible beacon for the kind of malevolent supernatural creatures that have never ventured into Thistle Grove before. One night—just as things are about to go terribly sideways with a rogue succubus—a mysterious stranger appears in the nick of time to save Delilah’s soul.

Gorgeous, sultry, and as dangerous as the knives she carries, Catriona Quinn is a hunter of monsters—and half-human half-creature herself, the kind of sly and morally gray fae Delilah would normally find horrifying. Though Delilah balks at the idea of a partnership, she has no choice but to roll the dice on their collaboration. As the two delve deeper into the power that underlies Thistle Grove, they uncover not only the town’s hidden history but also a risky attraction that could upend Delilah’s entire life.

Pre-Order Campaign

Author Lana Harper will sign your book and personalize it to you or the name you designateORDER DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2023.

You may also request a brief special message, such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations

-Messages may be no more than 8 words.

-Please note that personalization is at Lana's discretion.

-Please do not make inappropriate requests.

-Please note that quantities are limited.

-Please indicate in the comments section of your order how you would like your book signed. If you do not want your book personalized, please indicate that you would like an autograph only.

-Please note that if you do not indicate anything in the comments box, Lana will sign your book, but there will be no personalization.

-You may also place your book order for signed, personalized copies by calling The Book Cellar at any time: 773-293-2665.

-Signed, personalized copies are available to both U.S. residents and international readers.

-Order deadline is August 16th. Books will be shipped on August 22nd. Please note that we cannot guarantee arrival dates for international orders.



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