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Painless Spanish Conversation 1

Painless Spanish Conversation 1
Overwhelmingly, what students want is conversation practice. The majority of the students that have taken classes with me aren't learning it for academic credit. They want to travel abroad, have better professional opportunities, or communicate with loved ones who are Spanish speakers.The strategy in this workbook is what I use in live classes. It has been extremely successful for students of all ages. In addition, it's how my husband improves his English. Since his needs are for immediate communication within the house, with myself and our daughters. I start by introducing the yo form only with regular verbs. Students only have to remember the -o ending (Traditional workbooks teach 12 new pronouns and 6 endings for every verb). Then, we add in the tú form, with two more endings, so that we can ask and answer questions. By doing this, students speak right away. They are also practicing to most used forms of the verb, (yo and tú), which is more practical for their goals. This is why you will find common verbs and vocabulary that can be used in everyday life, around the house, or in the car. Students who are able to practice the vocabulary on a daily basis are more likely to retain it, as well as continue to study Spanish. This book focuses on the present and preterite tenses, specifically for conversational purposes. You will practice conjugating 20 common verbs with interrogatives, and over 250 common vocabulary words. This is the first in a series, where you can choose to expand and continue on to learn more tenses and verb forms.
Publication Date: 
February 1, 2020

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