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*OFFSITE* Taylor Wolfe @ iO Theater

We will be selling books at Taylor Wolfe's event at iO Theater, TAYLOR ON TOUR! Join Taylor for a Q&A & discussion (and maybe some standup for old times sake) for her new book, Birdie & Harlow.

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About the Book:

Soon after twenty-three-year-old Taylor Wolfe moves to Topeka, Kansas with her boyfriend, Chris, she decides to get a surprise gift for their second anniversary: a Vizsla puppy. Despite her inexperience and unpreparedness, she promises the breeder she will give the puppy, who she decides to name Harlow, the best life ever.

Harlow—also known as Har, Harbie, Harlene, Mr. Wiggles, and Carl, among a slew of other nicknames—becomes her closest friend and confidant. Yes, Harlow talks to Taylor and gives her advice. He helps her through her big life stages, from her move from Topeka to the big city of Chicago, and even encourages her resistance to traditional 9-5 jobs – because life is too short to be spent in a cubicle, or a crate!

Harlow embraces all her eccentricities: he is there for her throughout the ups and downs of her twenties, and into her thirties as she starts questioning why she isn’t experiencing baby fever like her friends, and the struggles, heartaches, and heartbreaks of her pregnancy journey as she and her now-husband Chris, decide they might, actually, like to try for a family.

A masterfully told memoir that will simultaneously having you laugh out loud while also shedding a tear or two, BIRDIE & HARLOW: Life, Loss, and Loving My Dog So Much I Didn’t Want Kids (…Until I Did), is a tribute to the many expressions of modern motherhood, to both human and fur babies alike. Like all moms, Taylor laughs—at herself, her weird jobs, the small apartments, the unexpected wins, and the utter failures—and reminds us life will surprise you and families should come in every shape and size.

About the Author:

Taylor Wolfe began writing her blog, TheDailyTay, seven years ago. She is a writer, the founder of the online shops The Taylor Wolfe Shop and Chilly Wolfe, and is a social media storyteller, comedian and content creator with over 400,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok. She lives with her husband, Chris and daughter Birdie in Denver, Colorado.

Event Start Time: 
Tuesday, October 03, 2023 - 7:00pm

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