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Melissa Baron "Twice in a Lifetime"

Celebrate the release of Melissa Baron's new novel Twice in a Lifetime with us in person at The Book Cellar! Melissa will be in store for a reading, book signing and a Q & A session!

About the Book:

Isla has fled the city for small-town Missouri in the wake of a painful and exhausting year. With her chronic anxiety at a fever pitch, the last thing she expects is to meet a genuine romantic prospect. And she doesn't. But she does get a text from a man who seems to think he's her husband. Obviously, a wrong number - except the mystery texter sends back a picture of them - on their wedding day. 

Isla cautiously stats up a texting relationship with her maybe-hoax, maybe-husband Ewan, who claims to be reaching out from a few years into the future. Ewan seems to love Isla exactly as she is, and is texting back through time to save her from a fate he is unwilling to share - and all she can do to prevent that fate is to learn to be happy, now, in the body she has, with the mind she has. The only trouble is the steps she takes in that direction might be the steps away from a future with Ewan. 


About the Author:

Melissa Baron is an author who tells speculative, character--driven stories. She holds a B.A. in English and a graduate certification from the Denver Publishing Institute. She is a book staffer for the Heartland Fall Forum. 

Event Address: 
The Book Cellar
Event Address(State/Province): 
4736-38 N Lincoln Ave
Event Address(Country): 
United States
Event Postal Code: 
Event Start Time: 
Tuesday, December 06, 2022 - 7:00pm
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