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Finding Lost - Season Three: The Unofficial Guide

Finding Lost - Season Three: The Unofficial Guide

The second instalment in the critically acclaimed, bestselling Finding Lost series

"Stafford brings the symbolism, themes, and mythology to the forefront, so that casual viewers and devoted fans have a better understanding of what is happening in each episode." --

The castaways on Lost spent two seasons trying to find rescue, dealing with the traumas of their past, and being baffled by the presence of polar bears on their deserted island. In season 3, they are focused on a bigger problem: the Others. With the mysteries of the island deepening and the puzzle becoming more convoluted, this book will help you put those pieces together to figure out where the series is going. The only Lost guide available that analyzes the show episode by episode, Finding Lost series includes:

  • an in-depth look at every episode, with highlights, music, and nitpicks outlined at the end of each one
  • chapters on the influential television series The Prisoner, Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time (a favorite book of the Others), Eko's Jesus stick, the real David Hume, and the online game The Lost Experience
  • sidebars chronicling fun trivia such as why Canadian references imply the presence of evil; what Kate's aliases really mean; comparisons of the Others' wicked deeds to those of the Losties; and many more
  • bios of the new actors on the show
  • analyses of the show's literary references, including A Tale of Two Cities, Of Mice and Men, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Through the Looking Glass
  • photos of the filming locations in Hawaii
  • Full of exclusive photos and enough background to put you leagues ahead of other viewers, this book will finally help you "find" Lost.

    Publication Date: 
    October 31, 2007
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