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Tall Grass Writer's Guild

Computerization had once promised us a 'paper-free society' -- as we seem to find ourselves drowning more frequently in paper that seems deeper than ever, many can appreciate that irony. There are so many aspects of paper other than business documents, however. TallGrass Writers Guild talents including Phyllis Babbs, March Darin, Robert Klein Engler, Robert Lawrence, Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick, Pat Gallant, Kathleen McElligott and 2012 Best New Poet nominee Martin Altman present a diverse range of poetry, essays and fiction about paper: a troubled scribe crafting illuminated manuscripts in a Medieval monastery; pillow talk amid the many scattered pages of the Sunday New York Times; junk mail; and a box of vintage letters found hidden in the back of a closet are just some of the subjects presented in this funny, touching, and thoughtful program on our various -- and never-ending -- relationships with paper.  

Event date: 
Friday, July 20, 2012 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
4736-38 N Lincoln Ave
60625 Chicago
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All titles are subject to availability. Prices Subject to Change. Please call (773) 293-2665 to confirm.
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