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*RESCHEDULING * Robin Hahnel in conversation with Mitchell Szczepanczyk, "Democratic Economic Planning"


Join us for a virtual celebration of Democratic Economic Planning, with authors Robin Hahnel and Mitchell Szczepanczyk

Event is free, but pre-registration is required. Please e-mail with the subject line "Robin Hahnel RSVP" to reserve your spot. Event access info will be e-mailed to you the day of the event.

About Democratic Economic PlanningDemocratic Economic Planning presents a concrete proposal for how to organize, carry out, and integrate comprehensive annual economic planning, investment planning, and long-run development planning so as to maximize popular participation, distribute the burdens and benefits of economic activity fairly, achieve environmental sustainability, and use scarce productive resources efficiently. The participatory planning procedures proposed provide workers in self-managed councils and consumers in neighbourhood councils with autonomy over their own activities while ensuring that they use scarce productive resources in socially responsible ways without subjecting them to competitive market forces.

Certain mathematical and economic skills are required to fully understand and evaluate the planning procedures discussed and evaluated in technical sections in a number of chapters. These sections are necessary to advance the theory of democratic planning, and should be of primary interest to readers who have those skills. However, the book is written so that the main argument can be followed without fully digesting the more technical sections.

Democratic Economic Planning is written for dreamers who are disenamored with the economics of competition and greed want to know how a system of equitable cooperation can be organized; and also for sceptics who demand "hard proof" that an economy without markets and private enterprise is possible.

About Robin Hahnel: Robin Hahnel is Professor Emeritus at the American University in Washington, DC, and has also taught at the University of Maryland at College Park, James Madison University, Lewis and Clark College, Portland State University, Willamette University, the Catholic University in Lima, Peru, the Catholic University in Panama, the University of Havana in Cuba, and Manchester University in England. His most recent books are Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation, Green Economics: Confronting the Ecological Crisis, The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach, and, with Erik Olin Wright, Alternatives to Capitalism: Proposals for a Democratic Economy.

About Mitchell Szczepanczyk: Mitchell Szczepanczyk has worked in professional software development since 2000, and programs regularly in a variety of programming languages including Python, Clojure, Clojurescript, and Elm. He is a founding member of CAPES, the Chicago Area Participatory Economics Society, and has worked on behalf of the participatory economy vision for many years. He has also produced radio and television shows for the Chicago Independent Media Center and has worked on media issues with Chicago Media Action. He lives in Chicago with his son, Zachary, and his personal website is

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Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 7:00pm
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ZOOM (email for RSVP link)
Democratic Economic Planning (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781032003320
Published: Routledge - June 1st, 2021

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