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Local Author Night: Children's Book Edition Ft. Jane Hertenstein, Marlene Brill, and Steve Frederick

It's Local Author Night: Children's Book Edition at The Book Cellar feautring Jane Hertenstein (Cloud of Witnesses), Marlene Brill (Picture Girl), and Steve Frederick (Breakfast of Superheroes). 



About Jane Hertenstein:

Jane Hertenstein is a prolific author of fiction and creative non-fiction for adults and children. She enjoys long-distance bike touring, waking up early to work, running along the lakefront, and working with the homeless on the streets of Chicago.

Her latest book, Cloud of Witnesses, is based on her experiences substitute teaching in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southern Ohio.

About Cloud of Witnesses:

Roland Tanner is looking for a benefactor, someone to rescue him from his family, the sorriest characters he’s ever met: a sister who works at the Curl Up and Dye salon, a brother who takes motors apart in their front yard, a grandmother who flashes him the evil eye from her ragged vinyl armchair, and a father who keeps him at arm’s length. Tested as gifted, Roland gets bused from his poor, rural home to the middle school in town, where his new classmates only see him as a hillbilly.

He is desperate to reach out beyond the power lines that crisscross the hills surrounding the family’s trailer in southeastern Ohio. Yet he’s afraid to step outside of himself to ask Patty to the dance, to stand up for his Muslim friend Hassan, to see that his father loves him. It’s only when he realizes he’s in charge of his destiny that Roland accepts the cloud of witnesses—the saints and sinners all around him—that his future is whatever he makes it.


About Marlene Brill:

Marlene Targ Brill is the author of over seventy award-winning books. She most enjoys writing about children and their accomplishments. Marlene has a bachelor's degree in special education, a master's degree in early childhood education, and has worked in the education field as a teacher, consultant, and curriculum specialist. She is also an amateur artist. Marlene and her husband reside near Chicago in Wilmette, Illinois.

About Picture Girl:

This moving immigrant story tells how a spunky young artist saved her Jewish family from being deported to Ukraine and certain death in the pogroms of the early 1920s.

An independent, feisty girl, Luba drew constantly--after school, in storm shelters where her family hid from the murderous Cossacks, and on the SS Estonia on their way to America. By the time they finally saw the Statue of Liberty, Luba and her family had suffered violence, injuries, illnesses, and a storm at sea.

Once they were safely on Ellis Island, things turned bleak again. While the twins were recovering from measles, the immigration quota for Ukrainians was filled. It looked like the family would have to return to Ukraine, where they were hated for their faith. Then a guard saw Luba's drawing of President Woodrow Wilson, and everything changed.

Based on the true story of Louise Dunn Yochim, art supervisor for the Chicago Public Schools


About Steve Frederick:

Back when he was a kid, Steve Frederick decided to become a superhero when he grew up. That didn’t work out so well. He also wanted to play major league baseball. Unfortunately, no team ever offered him a multi-million dollar contract. So instead, Steve became a freelance writer and career coach who helps people make more realistic job choices.
When faced with task of getting his then-young son off to kindergarten, Steve overcame his son’s morning grouchiness by telling him stories—especially from the many comic books he’d read as a kid. When Steve couldn’t remember any more, his son insisted that he make some up. Soon, he wrote them down and shared them at his son’s school where he became known as “The Superhero Dad” (funny how dreams sometimes come true in unexpected ways).
Steve has won several awards for his writing and his work has appeared in a number of Chicago area newspapers and publications. He was a regular columnist for the Pioneer Press and the Daily Herald for a number of years. His story telling abilities helped him to win a number of speech contests including, second place in the Chicago Area’s Toastmasters International Speech Contest.
He lives in Skokie, Illinois.

About Breakfast of Superheroes:


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 7:00pm
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By Marlene Targ Brill, Michael Sayre (Illustrator)
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