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Diabetes Meals for Good Health: Includes Complete Meal Plans and 100 Recipes

Diabetes Meals for Good Health: Includes Complete Meal Plans and 100 Recipes

Healthy meal ideas and guidance for managing diabetes, losing weight and keeping the heart healthy.

Managing portion sizes and carefully planning healthful meals are key to successful diabetes management. Diabetes Meals for Good Health guides the reader in choosing meals and snacks, reducing portions, and controlling carbohydrates, with the goal of bringing down blood sugars and losing unneeded extra pounds.

Karen Graham provides all the tools needed, offering detailed information on choosing the correct personal meal plan. The low-fat, high-fiber meals include lots of grain, fruits and vegetables. The meal plans range from 1,200 to 2,200 calories per day. The goal of managing both diabetes and weight can be achieved while eating favorite foods in moderation.

Easy-to-follow plans are broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack meals. As a bonus, life-size color photographs provide an easy way of ensuring correct portion sizes.

Each recipe contains a nutritional breakdown according to the portion size as well as Exchange Lists for Meal Planning(c) and the caloric breakdown.

A small sampling of the meal ideas:

  • Breakfast meals include egg and toast; pancakes and bacon; muffin and yogurt; raisin toast and cheese
  • Lunch meals feature toasted cheese and tomato sandwich; French onion soup; cold plate with soup
  • Delicious dinner meals include baked chicken and potato; spaghetti and meat sauce; roast turkey dinner; Chinese stir fry; roti with curried filling.
  • Best of all, the terrific recipes can enjoyed by everyone, not just by those managing diabetes.

    Publication Date: 
    September 26, 2008

    Paperback Fiction

    Magnolia Palace
    By: Davis, Fiona
    Love of My Life
    By: Walsh, Rosie
    Violeta [English Edition]
    By: Allende, Isabel
    Mouth to Mouth
    By: Wilson, Antoine
    Ballad of Perilous Graves
    By: Jennings, Alex
    How High We Go in the Dark
    By: Nagamatsu, Sequoia
    Notes on an Execution
    By: Kukafka, Danya
    By: Lloyd, Ellery
    By: Otsuka, Julie

    Hardcover Non-Fiction

    Chuck Berry
    By: Smith, Rj
    Empire of Ice and Stone
    By: Levy, Buddy
    Polar Exposure
    By: Aston, Felicity
    By: Bono
    By: Keltner, Dacher
    Rough Sleepers
    By: Kidder, Tracy
    By: Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex
    Children of the State
    By: Hobbs, Jeff
    Guest at the Feast
    By: Toibin, Colm

    Hardcover Fiction

    How to Sell a Haunted House
    Author: Hendrix, Grady
    In the Upper Country
    Author: Thomas, Kai
    Author: Paull, Laline
    Hell Bent
    Author: Bardugo, Leigh
    Moonrise Over New Jessup
    Author: Minnicks, Jamila
    Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone
    Author: Stevenson, Benjamin
    Small World
    Author: Zigman, Laura
    After Sappho
    Author: Schwartz, Selby Wynn
    This Other Eden
    Author: Harding, Paul