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Danny Kravitz and Eliza Marsh "Con Crazy"

Join us to celebrate Danny Kravitz and Eliza Marsh's new book, Con Crazy, in-store at The Book Cellar!

About the Book:

The con is on.

Prewitt Patry is an expert in European art and antiquities, and he used to be the best con artist in New York City. But fate has left him divorced and broke, with his glory days behind him.

Then a golden opportunity falls into his lap.

Ranger du Courtemanche is the aging patriarch of the centuries-old French aristocratic Courtemanche family. The family resides in their ancestral chateau and they haven’t been outside the property in years. Enter Prewitt, who cozies up to the reclusive family—Ranger and his two sisters—and warns them that their chateau and wealth have been targeted by an obscure secret society. Panicked and desperate, Ranger enlists Prewitt in the fight to defend his family’s honor and fortune. Et voilà! The trap is set.

With his team of eccentric Parisian con artists, Prewitt gets to work. But the closer he gets, the more the con unravels. Ancient betrayals, priceless jewels, and forbidden loves . . . the Courtemanches turn out to be a lot more than Prewitt bargained for.

Inspired by the outrageous true story of a wildly audacious con.

About the Authors:

Danny Kravitz is an author, screenwriter, composer, musician, and educator. His 2021 film, The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson, reached #1 at the box office. Danny is the author of six children's history and historical fiction books and loves to weave historical elements into uplifting stories, with characters who succeed in ways they never imagined. His past books have been described by critics as “inspiring, enlightening, [and] wonderful.” In addition to his passion for writing, Danny was a Big Ten champion fencer, and currently produces and records music. You can find Danny on TikTok @dannywritesthings.

Eliza Marsh is an award-winning competitive rock climber and outdoor guide who turned her love of extreme adventure into a passion for writing stories with thrilling plots, unforgettable characters, and humor. Eliza holds an honors degree in Creative Writing from Miami University, is a published poet, and a librarian. When she’s not on the sharp end of the rope, you can find Eliza plotting her next novel at her cabin in Slade, Kentucky, in front of the fireplace with her corgi and a glass of bourbon.

Event Start Time: 
Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 7:00pm
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