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CWA: 2022 Book of the Year Awards Ceremony

Join the us to celebrate the winners of the 2022 Chicago Writer's Association Book of the Year Awards! This event will be at 7pm on Saturday, January 21st, 2023 at The Book Cellar.


Traditional Fiction: Last Summer on State Street by Toya Wolfe

Indie Fiction: Addio, Love Monster by Christina Marrocco

Traditional Non-Fiction: This Jade World by Ira Sukrungruang

Indie Non-Fiction: So Costly a Sacrifice by Mark Hutson

Honorable Mentions:

Traditional Fiction: The Sturgeon's Heart by Amy E. Casey

Indie Fiction: Like a Complete Unknown by Anara Guard

Traditional Non-Fiction: The House that Madigan Built by Ray Long

Indie Non-Fiction: Chili Dog MVP by John Owens and David J. Fletcher


Event Location: 
The Book Cellar
Event Start Time: 
Saturday, January 21, 2023 - 7:00pm
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Paperback Fiction

House That Horror Built
By: Henry, Christina
By: Erpenbeck, Jenny
Honey Witch
By: Shields, Sydney J
You May Now Kill the Bride
By: Weston, Kate
Long After We Are Gone
By: Shelton Harris, Terah
Serpent & the Wings of Night
By: Broadbent, Carissa
How to Kill a Guy in Ten Ways
By: Kellman, Eve
Death Valley
By: Broder, Melissa
Tiananmen Square
By: Wen, Lai

Hardcover Non-Fiction

By: Lamott, Anne
Demon of Unrest
By: Larson, Erik
Swans of Harlem
By: Valby, Karen
Race to the Future
By: St Clair, Kassia
Infernal Machine
By: Johnson, Steven
Amphibious Soul
By: Foster, Craig
Rebel Girl
By: Hanna, Kathleen
When You See My Mother Ask Her to Dance
By: Baez, Joan
Coming Home
By: Burford, Michelle

Hardcover Fiction

Funny Story
Author: Henry, Emily
All Fours
Author: July, Miranda
Blue Ruin
Author: Kunzru, Hari
Body Farm
Author: Geni, Abby
This Strange Eventful History
Author: Messud, Claire
When Among Crows
Author: Roth, Veronica
Red Grove
Author: Fontaine, Tessa
Ministry of Time
Author: Bradley, Kaliane
Long Island
Author: Toibin, Colm