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Creole Made Easy

Creole Made Easy

The most widely used introduction to Haitian Creole.

A simple guide to Haitian Creole for English speaking people.

The basic elements of Creole grammar and vocabulary in sixteen easy lessons.

  • How to pronounce Creole words.
  • Simple exercises with translation keys.
  • Dictionary of 4,700 Creole English words.
  • In less than an hour a day the short lessons will have you speaking basic Creole in about a week. You will learn key Creole words, how to pronounce those words, and how to put those words together into useful sentences.

    This book is ideal for those who will visit or work in Haiti and desire to communicate with her people.

    "Creole Made Easy gets everything right. It's exactly the vocabulary and concepts you need, clearly explained, in just enough depth." -Carlo Diy,

    An audio pronunciation guide is available separately as MP3 files or a 2 CD set.

    Publication Date: 
    August 26, 2010
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