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Comprehensive English - Tagalog ; Tagalog - English Bilingual Dictionary Third Edition

Comprehensive English - Tagalog ; Tagalog - English Bilingual Dictionary Third Edition
Wallenberg dictionaries have always scored well on contemporary relevance and accessibility and this one is no exception . Wallenberg's two way; Tagalog - English, English Tagalog dictionary has proved an indispensable communication tool for thousands of Filipinos employed abroad as well as students of English in the Philippines. This is an extension of the monumental work or Alfredo Braganza the Tagalog scholar and first lexigrapher of the Tagalog language. The dictionary has 420 pages of definitions, making it a comprehensive resource for students of both English and Tagalog. Authoritative and up to date, the third edition of the Dictionary covers all the words and phrases you will need in both Tagalog and English. The dictionary also supplies information on key points of Tagalog grammar and there are background cultural notes on the Tagalog language included. This portable and affordable dictionary is perfect for general reference at home, at school, or in the office. Words are tools for life and the Wallenberg dictionaries make them work for you.
Publication Date: 
March 21, 2008

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