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Chess Is Child's Play: Teaching Techniques That Work

Chess Is Child's Play: Teaching Techniques That Work
Chess is Child's Play is a book written byparents, for parents. It is written for YOU! Chess is one of the oldest strategygamesknown to man. Studies show that children who learn chess at an early age gainsuchvaluable life skillsas: .Problem-solving ability .Improvedpatience and focus .Enhancedimagination .Greater self-confidence. Chess educators Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrickhavecreated aneasy, step-by-stepmethod for teaching chess thatparents of all skill levelscan use to teachchildrenof any age. You don't have to know how to playchess in orderto usethesystem.Thisbook will teach you the game, whileshowingyou how to teach your child to play. You will learn together. Chess makes childrensmarter.Give your child an advantage in life and teach him or herto play today!"
Publication Date: 
May 16, 2012

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