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Albena Stambolova's idiosyncratic debut novel, Everything Happens as It Does, builds from the idea that, as the title suggests, everything happens exactly the way it must. In this case, the seven characters of the novel--from Boris, a young boy who is only at peace when he's around bees, to Philip and Maria and their twins--each play a specific role in the lives of the others, binding them all together into a strange, yet logical, knot. As characters are picked up, explored, and then swept aside, the novel's beguiling structure becomes apparent, forcing the reader to pay attention to the patterns created by this accumulation of events and relationships. This is not a novel of reaching moral high ground; this is not a book about resolving relationships; this is a story whose mysteries are mysteries for a reason.

Written with a precise, succinct tone that calls to mind Camus's The Stranger, Everything Happens as It Does is a captivating and detail-driven novel that explores how depth will never be as immediately accessible as superficiality, and how everything will run its course in the precise manner it was always meant to.

Albena Stambolova is the author of three novels. She has also published a collection of short stories and a psychoanalytical study on Marguerite Duras. She currently lives in Bulgaria, where she works as a psychological and organizational consultant, and is working on a book about fairy tales.

Olga Nikolova completed her PhD at Harvard University, with a dissertation on modern poetry, graphic design, and academic writing. She's been translating the works of Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein in to Bulgarian.

"slowly, Slowly, Slowly," Said the Sloth

"slowly, Slowly, Slowly," Said the Sloth

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Slowly, slowly, slowly . . . that's how the sloth lives. He hangs upside-down from the branch of a tree, night and day, in the sun and in the rain, while the other animals of the rain forest rush past him. Why are you so slow? Why are you so quiet? Why are you so lazy? the others ask the sloth. And, after a long, long, long time, the sloth finally tells them!

Set in the lush world of the tropical rain forest, this original picture book is an exquisite showcase of Eric Carle's colorful collage art-with a meaningful message: Slow down! Take time to enjoy your world.

1 HC~0 PB

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1 scoop of gelato

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1-2-3 Calligraphy!

1-2-3 Calligraphy!

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Kids everywhere will be grabbing their calligraphy pens, because this follow-up to the successful 'Calligraphy for Kids' offers them even more artful fun. Inside they'll find new alphabets as well as fresh techniques and projects.

1/2 Pound Bag Katherine Anne Caramels

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10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me

10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me

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Poignant, funny tales about a man and his dog - and the lessons learned about responsibility and enduring friendship.

It is love at first sight when Carlo De Vito, an aspiring book editor, first meets Exley, the rambunctious, rescued German Shorthair Pointer he adopts and who becomes his faithful companion. In 10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me, De Vito writes about their experiences growing up together - and the life lessons that invariably result from their adventures. Ultimately, when his beloved friend is gone, De Vito discovers some thruths about love, loss, and lasting friendship.

"It had been Exley's job to raise me. All that time we had been having fun, going for walks, getting into trouble, being companions and friends in some great adventure. And I had spent so much time teaching him to sit, stay, lie down, roll over. But all along, he had been teaching me. It is the child that makes the man, and in this case it was a dog. All along it had been the dog doing the teaching, not me. How do you like that? And I love him for it to this day and will for the rest of my life."

Writing in the heartwarming, bestselling tradition of Pack of Two and My Dog Skip, De Vito captures the spirit of that tie in a way that will resonate with not only dog lovers, but all those who share their heart and home with a pet.

10 Year Old Tawny Port

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10 year Tawny Port Bottle

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100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Scenic Trails

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Scenic Trails

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This ultimate hiker's bucket list, from the celebrated Appalachian Trail to Micronesia's off-the-beaten-path Six Waterfalls Hike, treks through 100 energizing experiences for all levels.

Filled with beautiful National Geographic photography, wisdom from expert hikers like Andrew Skurka, need-to-know travel information, and practical wildlife-spotting tips, this inspirational guide offers the planet's best experiences for hikers and sightseers. From short day hikes--California's Sierra High Route, Lake Agnes Teahouse in Alberta, Norway's Mt. Skala--to multiday excursions like Mt. Meru in Tanzania and multi-week treks (Egypt's Sinai Trail, Bhutan's Snowman Trek, and the Bibbulum Track in Australia), you'll find a hike that matches your interests and skill level. Crossing all continents and climates (from the jungles of Costa Rica to the ice fields in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Parks), as well as experiences (a wine route through Switzerland or moose spotting on the Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming, ) there is a trail for everyone in these pages. So pack your gear and lace your boots: this comprehensive and innovative guide will lead you to experience the best hikes of your life!

100 Selected Poems

100 Selected Poems

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E.E. Cummings is without question one of the major poets of this century, and this volume, first published in 1959, is indispensable for every lover of modern lyrical verse. It contains one hundred of Cummings s wittiest and most profound poems, harvested from thirty-five of the most radically creative years in contemporary American poetry. These poems exhibit all the extraordinary lyricism, playfulness, technical ingenuity, and compassion for which Cummings is famous. They demonstrate beautifully his extrapolations from traditional poetic structures and his departures from them, as well as the unique synthesis of lavish imagery and acute artistic precision that has won him the adulation and respect of critics and poetry lovers everywhere."
100-Yard War: Inside the 100-Year-Old Michigan-Ohio State Football Rivalry

100-Yard War: Inside the 100-Year-Old Michigan-Ohio State Football Rivalry

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""A rough-and-tumble pop-culture look at the history of this storied game.""
--National Review Online

""The 100-Yard War"" showcases two great football teams who want nothing more than to beat each other, celebrating their storied history and going behind the scenes with the players and the fans to reveal the bitterness, the passion, and the pride surrounding the Game.

ESPN called it the number one sports rivalry of the century. It transcends the years, the standings, and all other distractions. And thanks to the countless remarkable football games between Michigan and Ohio State--and hundreds of thousands of devoted alumni and followers--the rivalry is now an enormous cultural event.

1000 Dreams Interpreted

1000 Dreams Interpreted

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This attractive gift book is packed with fun rather than Freud. Even so, it's a gold mine of folk wisdom and a collection of insights that readers will relish. If a soaring eagle is in your dream, you can look forward to prosperity. But if you dream of a parrot, be warned that someone has been indiscreet with your secrets. Everybody knows the feeling of waking from a deep sleep, recalling a vivid dream, and wondering what it means. Here are 1000 images and suggestions that will help dreamers interpret their mystifying visions. The book's atmospheric illustrations have metallic highlights, adding a touch of distinction that matches the cleverness of the text.
1000 lights 1879-1959

1000 lights 1879-1959

$19.95 - $39.99
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Designed to be a companion to the classic title 1000 Chairs, this two-volume edition contains an awesome selection of over 1200 lights. Presented chronologically by decade are history's most interesting electric lights, from Edison's first light bulb to Tiffany's beautiful leaded glass shades to completely outrageous designs from the late 1960s and 1970s to the latest high-tech LED lamps. All major styles will be represented: Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern Movement, De Stijl, Postwar, Pop, Radical, Post-Modern and Contemporary.
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

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For discerning bibliophiles and readers who enjoy unforgettable classic literature, 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die is a trove of reviews covering a century of memorable writing. Each work of literature featured here is a seminal work key to understanding and appreciating the written word.The featured works have been handpicked by a team of international critics and literary luminaries, including Derek Attridge (world expert on James Joyce), Cedric Watts (renowned authority on Joseph Conrad and Graham Greene), Laura Marcus (noted Virginia Woolf expert), and David Mariott (poet and expert on African-American literature), among some twenty others.Addictive, browsable, knowledgeable--1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die will be a boon companion for anyone who loves good writing and an inspiration for anyone who is just beginning to discover a love of books. Each entry is accompanied by an authoritative yet opinionated critical essay describing the importance and influence of the work in question. Also included are publishing history and career details about the authors, as well as reproductions of period dust jackets and book designs.
101 Folktales From India

101 Folktales From India

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In every corner of India, there is a wealth of folktales, funny, and fabulous. Their subjects are diverse.
101 Ideas: Color

101 Ideas: Color

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101 Ideas Color takes the mystery out of choosing and using color in the home and offers all the practical advice and insight needed to go from the initial inspiration to stunning finishing touches. 101 Ideas Color avoids the temptation to overload with seemingly unrelated images and information and is cleverly constructed so that key concepts and essential information are instantly accessible. More than 90 full color photogrpahs by Ray Main complement Lee's color ideas. Includes five key sources of color inspiration, five tips for color in spaces with no natural light, and top 10 colors to suit the mood.
101 Things to Do Before You Turn 40

101 Things to Do Before You Turn 40

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An inspiring guide for women who aren't afraid of 40...but want to make their most of their 30s first!

From #1 to #101, women approaching the big 4-0 will learn how to enter the decade with a bang with age-appropriate-and sometimes age-defying-experiences they'll want under their belts...

Quit your book club.

Eat the worm.

Make out with the best man.

Discover your superpower.

Boycott February 14th.

It's the ultimate checklist of goals-hilarious, heartfelt, and wise-for every woman under 40.

Paperback Fiction

Velvet Was the Night
By: Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Every Summer After
By: Fortune, Carley
Book Lovers
By: Henry, Emily
By: O'Hagan, Andrew
By: Smith, Bud
Things We Lost to the Water
By: Nguyen, Eric
Malibu Rising
By: Jenkins Reid, Taylor
Oh William
By: Strout, Elizabeth

Hardcover Non-Fiction

Long Train Runnin
By: Johnston, Tom
There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness
By: Rovelli, Carlo
Making History
By: Cohen, Richard
By: Zabar, Lori
My America
By: Stein, Joshua David
Metaphysical Animals
By: Wiseman, Rachael
River of the Gods
By: Millard, Candice
In the Early Times
By: Friend, Tad
His Name Is George Floyd
By: Olorunnipa, Toluse

Hardcover Fiction

Perfect Golden Circle
Author: Myers, Benjamin
Bitter Orange Tree
Author: Alharthi, Jokha
This Time Tomorrow
Author: Straub, Emma
Garden of Broken Things
Author: Momplaisir, Francesca
You Have a Friend in 10A
Author: Shipstead, Maggie
When Women Were Dragons
Author: Barnhill, Kelly
Book of Night
Author: Black, Holly
Siren Queen
Author: Vo, Nghi
Author: Saint, Jennifer
Bloomsbury Girls
Author: Jenner, Natalie