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Card Tricks Set

Card Tricks Set
People love to be entertained, and there is nothing like a card trick to leave an audience amazed and delighted. But before you can dazzle--and confuse--a roomful of spectators, you'll need to learn the rules of card tricks. From false shuffles to magnetic cards, Card Tricks will teach you everything you need to know to become an ace magician.

Card Tricks includes a book of 101 clever card tricks, two packs of cards, and a notebook and pencil for taking notes as you learn. Start with a trick with the easiest skill rating, like the leader of the pack, and let your audience think you can move cards from the middle of the pack without even touching them. You'll progress all the way to the level five sleights of hand, like throwing a tantrum, which relies not only on dexterity but also on your acting skills as you attempt to convince your audience that you've made a terrible mistake.

A must-have for any budding magician, Card Tricks will help you astound all your friends and family. But just remember--magicians never reveal their secrets!

Publication Date: 
September 11, 2012
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