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Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop it (Paperback)

Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop it Cover Image
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This is the book that led to strengthening Americans' free speech rights. In this updated edition of Funding Evil, Dr. Ehrenfeld describes what it took to successfully stop "Libel Tourism," from the silencing of American writers and publishers. It details how a single Saudi billionaire financier of al- Qaeda, managed to silence more than 45 writers and publishers - many Americans included - from exposing him and his ilk. He used British laws and courts that allow "libel tourism" to conduct his "lawfare," until he sued Dr. Ehrenfeld. She alone challenged him and the British courts. Her initiative led to the passage New York' State's anti-libel terrorism law, aka "Rachel's Law, " and to the national SPEECH Act, signed into law in August 2010. These laws protect American writers and publishers in print and on the Internet from the enforcement of foreign libel judgements in the US. "Funding Evil" identifies who funds terrorism and how they do it, and why the Saudis don't want you to read this book. Funding Evil draws a roadmap illustrating how terrorist organizations -especially Islamist terror organizations are funded. It exposes the most vital and venemous sources of terror organizations. "Funding Evil ... is a crucially important book--really a milestone--in the history of the struggle for freedom of expression....Ehrenfeld achieved what the New York Times rightly called "A Victory for Writing.." Anyone interested in freedom of the mind should read this book and its intrepid author's new Afterword describing her successful legal adventures." Daniel J. Kornstein, August 7, 2011*

About the Author

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is director of the New York-based American Center for Democracy and its Economic Warfare Institute. She is a sought-after commentator and consultant on international terrorism and terrorist financing, economic warfare, political Islam, drug trafficking, transnational crime and money laundering and the links between them. Dr. Ehrenfeld authored several books on these issues, including NARCO-TERRORISM and FUNDING EVIL, and her articles are published by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, FORBES and many other national and international publications. She appears as a guest on television news programs including CNN, FoxNews, NBC, and ABC News (See:
Product Details
ISBN: 9781885881168
ISBN-10: 1885881169
Publisher: Multi Educator, Incorporated
Publication Date: August 18th, 2011
Pages: 394
Language: English
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