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The Nine (Thieves of Fate #1) (Paperback)

The Nine (Thieves of Fate #1) Cover Image
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In the dark streets of Corma exists a book that writes itself. In the right hands, its secrets may remain safely hidden. In the wrong hands, the world will be destroyed.

Black market courier Rowena Downshire is just trying to pay her mother's freedom from debtor's prison, when an urgent and unexpected delivery leads her face to face with a creature from nightmares. Rowena escapes with her life, but the strange book she was ordered to deliver is stolen, leading her to ask for help from the mysterious and frightening Alchemist, and his rival, former mercenary, Anselm Meteron.

Across town, Reverend Phillip Chalmers awakes in a cell, bloodied and bruised, facing a creature twice his size. Translating the stolen book may be his only hope for survival; however, he soon learns the text may have been written by the Creator himself, tracking the nine human subjects of his Grand Experiment. If his captors succeed, it could mean the end of humanity.

This unlikely team must try to keep the book from those who would misuse it. But how can they be sure who the enemy is when they can barely trust each other? And what will happen when the book reveals a secret no human was meant to know?

About the Author

Debut author Tracy Townsend holds a master's degree in writing and rhetoric from DePaul University and a bachelor's degree in creative writing from DePauw University, a source of regular consternation when proofreading her credentials. She is chair of the English Department at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, an elite public boarding school, where she teaches creative writing and science fiction and fantasy literature. She has been a martial arts instructor, a stage combat and accent coach, and a short-order cook for houses full of tired gamers. Now she lives in Bolingbrook, Illinois with two bumptious hounds, two remarkable children, and one very patient husband. Her short story "Late Arrivals" was published by Luna Station Quarterly in March 2016.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781633883413
ISBN-10: 1633883418
Publisher: Pyr
Publication Date: November 14th, 2017
Pages: 367
Language: English
Series: Thieves of Fate
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