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Bye-Bye! (Hardcover)

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Ideal for actual toddlers when parents are using the bestselling Busy Toddler's Guide to Actual Parenting: From Their First "no" to Their First Day of School (and Everything in Between) parenting book by Susie Allison, The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being by Simone Davies, illustrated by Hiyoko Imai, and Best practices in Toddler Discipline from 1 to 5 without tantrums: Effective Strategies for Developing and Helping your Child
by Mary Simmons, the six books in the Terrific Toddlers Series are Time to Go , New Baby , Potty , Bye-Bye , Boo-Boo , and All Mine The books are written by experts in the field and are critically acclaimed.

Sometimes JoJo cries.
"I want my mommy "
Her mommy says,
"I see you're sad.
I'll miss you too,
but I'll be back...

...right after you go to the park.

Even if it's for a short amount of time, Mom and Dad reassure them not to worry because they will always come back. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers about helping toddlers with saying goodbye.

Written with simple language and reflective of children's realities, the Terrific Toddlers series is based on understanding of the developmental level of young toddlers. Titles include All Mine , Boo-Boo , and Bye-Bye .

From the Note to Parents and Caregivers:

Unfortunately, what to do during leave-taking is not at all obvious. In fact, it's counterintuitive. We adults are conditioned to "soothe" by saying, "It's OK. Don't worry. It's not a big deal." But your departure is a big deal to your toddler, and saying it isn't actually adds insult to injury. Anxious feelings don't go away by avoiding them or distracting from them. While this approach may be more comfortable in the moment, it amounts to telling your toddler that these feelings aren't authentic--which only adds your toddler's feeling misunderstood to the good-bye experience

About the Author

Carol Zeavin earned her BA in music from UCLA and became a successful freelance orchestral violinist and chamber musician in New York City. She earned master's degrees in education and special education from Bank Street College and worked with infants and toddlers from 1992 to 2010, both as head teacher at Rockefeller University's Child and Family Center and Barnard's Toddler Development Center, and as a special educator employed by Y.A.I. and Theracare. She continues to perform classical music in NYC and teaches violin and piano to kids and grownups of all ages and abilities. Rhona Silverbush, co-author of the Terrific Toddlers series, studied psychology and theater at Brandeis University and holds a juris doctor from Boston College Law School. Rhona is the co-author of Speak the Speech! Shakespeare's Monologues Illuminated (Faber and Faber, 2002) and has taught theater to all age groups from tots to adults. She has taught at Columbia University Teachers College and is also a freelance writer and editor and a consultant for families of children and teens with learning differences and special needs. Visit her at Jon Davis is an award-winning illustrator who has illustrated more than 70 books, including the Terrific Toddlers Series for Magination Press. He works digitally, in Photoshop with a tablet and pen and based in the Lake District, England. Visit him at and follow him on Twitter: @JonDavisIllust.
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ISBN: 9781433828768
ISBN-10: 1433828766
Publisher: Magination Press
Publication Date: October 30th, 2018
Pages: 16
Language: English
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