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Art of Downloading Music

Art of Downloading Music
The Art Of Downloading Music is the first definitive guide to downloading music from the Internet. Written by renowned record producer and technical wizard Steve Levine, the book is aimed at beginners as well as already committed enthusiasts. The pocket-sized manual aims to help enable users to make the most of the ultimate and most sought after personal music system the iPod. Apple's revolutionary web based music shop iTunes has now passed the 50 million-download milestone, and with users now downloading 2.5 million songs a week will see the total at the end of the year reach 150 million. With over 2 million iPods sold worldwide and the launch of the mini iPod, and iTunes due for launch in Europe this summer, this guide will be an essential purchase to guide enthusiasts through this new and exciting technology. In clear and concise terms, the book also aims to give readers a guide to making the most of the potential the web offers to music devotees for legally downloading their favourite music. the concept of copyright and recent legal disputes, and gives tips on how to get started and where and how to obtain music from the web. There are even hints how to avoid getting mugged and dispossessed of your favourite toy. As a special bonus Sanctuary will make available a free download from one of their major artists to all purchasers.
1860746187 (9781860746185)
Publication Date: 
October 1, 2004

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