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All About My Dog

All About My Dog
Philipp Keel's "All About "books ask readers to contemplate the most meaningful aspects of their lives. Now in "All About My Dog," Keel pays tribute to man's best friend. Written with the same wit and insight that has made "All About Me" and "All About Us" perennial favorites, Keel's clever questions and fill-in-the-blanks allow you to trace your pup's evolution from a snuggly whelp to a full-grown pooch. Your dog's life is tenderly detailed in an imaginative, personalized puppy portrait, which features memories such as these:
-"When I got my dog, he weighed _____ pounds."
-"My dog's favorite snack is . . ."
-"When sleeping, my dog dreams about..."
-"My most special moment with my dog occurred when . . . "
In a culture of cashmere dog sweaters and high-end photography for these canine companions, " All About My Dog" is a delightfully entertaining accessory for which millions of readers will be begging--even howling, perhaps.
0767914937 (9780767914932)
Publication Date: 
September 23, 2003

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