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50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation

50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation

Winner-Best Wine Book, National Indie Excellence Award; Winner-Best Cookbook, Independent Press Award; Winner-Best Design, NYC Big Book Award. Finalist-USA American Book Fest Awards; Finalist-Foreword Indies.

Wine appreciation as it was meant to be. No textbook necessary, just open arms and a mind and palate ready to explore. 50 Ways to Love Wine More is about discovering wine on your terms, at your pace, with your friends and fellow wine lovers. Let your ideas and desires intersect with the wonder of wine to enhance and expand your wine knowledge and appreciation.

Author Jim Laughren, a certified wine educator--and certifiable oenophile--shares the insights and lessons learned from 20+ years as a wine importer, distributor, collector, consultant and confirmed aficionado. He reaffirms what is important about wine and our relationship to it. With this foundation to build on, the details, the history, the geography, the art, and the science of wine are easy to assemble and appreciate.

While 50 Ways to Love Wine More is brimming with facts and "vintellect" on a wide variety of wine-focused topics, what you'll learn most is how to let wine wrap you in its embrace, whisper its secrets in your ear, and welcome you to its confederacy of aficionados.

Publication Date: 
September 10, 2018
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