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365 Puppies a Year Calendar

365 Puppies a Year Calendar
Floppy ears galore. Floor-thumping tails aplenty. Big, clumsy paws in abundance, gentle puppy expressions by the hundreds. For people who really love puppies, no other calendar compares. Meet gangly Labs in black, chocolate, and yellow. Goldens by the basketful. Jack Russells ready to rumble, palm-size Yorkies, ghostly weimaraners, and mysterious mutts that prompt the question: what will they look like in a year?
Featuring the winners of the 10th Annual Puppies of Distinction Contest, "365 Puppies-A-Year" is an all-out celebration of the cutest faces in puppydom. In addition to the puppies, the calendar includes training tips and other essential puppy-care information.
0761133631 (9780761133636)
Publication Date: 
August 20, 2004

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