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28 Day Journal of My Crazy Lesbian Breakup And What The Radio Had to Say about

28 Day Journal of My Crazy Lesbian Breakup And What The Radio Had to Say about
I have just broken up with my girlfriend, so I decided to start a journal: A 28-Day Journal of My Crazy Lesbian Breakup (and What the Radio Had to Say About It). Luckily I have my trusty group of friends to help me through the rough patches.but they have a few issues of their own.Tara is playing the role of "mistress" for a woman 20 years her senior. Amy is dealing with the drama of dating a woman who has just come out to her family. Karen, a transgendered lesbian, is hopelessly in love with a bisexual vixen. And, Jared, my heterosexual, sociopathic friend is considering abandoning relationships entirely and joining a monastery. Nice support group, huh? Meanwhile, I'm still in love my (ex)girlfriend that lives 1000 miles away. I'm hoping we can get back together, even though we can't seem to stop fighting about another woman who is relentlessly competing for my attention.her mother! Move over, Jerry Springer! The truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes.
Publication Date: 
June 12, 2008

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