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2012 Mensa 365 Brain Puzzlers Calendar

2012 Mensa 365 Brain Puzzlers Calendar
Test your mental mettle with hundreds of tough but fun-to-solve puzzles and brainteasers sanctioned by Mensa, the internationally famous high- IQ society. Every day, challenge yourself with word ladders, ingenious anagram puzzles, equations, logic sequences, math riddles, unexpected twists on crosswords and word searches, and more: "Exactly 1/6 of a grade of high school seniors has handed in the final English essay. When 20 more assignments come in, 1/4 of the grade will have submitted the essay. How many students are in the grade? "Answers are on the reverse side of each page, in case the puzzle wins out.
Publication Date: 
July 15, 2011
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Paperback Fiction

Shield Maiden
By: Emmerichs, Sharon
All of the Marvels
By: Wolk, Douglas
Best of Friends
By: Shamsie, Kamila
Our Share of Night
By: Enriquez, Mariana
Dont Fear the Reaper
By: Jones, Stephen Graham
Last Chairlift
By: Irving, John
By: Albanese, Laurie Lico
Lazy City
By: Connolly, Rachel
Dead-End Memories
By: Yoshimoto, Banana

Hardcover Non-Fiction

Thicker than Water
By: Washington, Kerry
By: Tolhurst, Lol
Unreliable Narrator
By: Nancherla, Aparna
Identity Trap
By: Mounk, Yascha
Fear Is Just a Word
By: Ahmed, Azam
While You Were Out
By: Kissinger, Meg
Burning of the World
By: Berg, Scott W
Amy Winehouse
By: Winehouse, Amy
By: Howe, Katherine

Hardcover Fiction

Land of Milk and Honey
Author: Zhang, C Pam
Last Devil to Die
Author: Osman, Richard
Armor of Light
Author: Follett, Ken
Author: Homer
North Woods
Author: Mason, Daniel
Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Chalice of the Gods
Author: Riordan, Rick
Author: Awad, Mona
Bright Young Women
Author: Knoll, Jessica
Fragile Threads of Power
Author: Schwab, V E