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100 Butches, Volume 1

100 Butches, Volume 1

Up-and-coming queer graphic novelist and Alison Bechdel protegee Elisha Lim presents fifty portraits--some lovers, some friends, some relatives, others strangers and missed connections--from around the world in this celebration of butch sexuality. Fully illustrated in color throughout, these fifty illustrations and accompanying mini-memoirs of the artist's encounters with her subjects bring together a diverse array of queers whose lives and work have had a special impact on the author's life. "100 Butches "launches the new Sister Spit series that will be curated by Michelle Tea.

Elisha Lim's comics have run in "Diva Magazine," "LOTL Australia," and the Canadian queer magazines "NMP" and "Xtra!" She was "Curve"'s "Artist in Residence" and named one of's "Queer Women To Watch."

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2010

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