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Paperback Non-Fiction

1619 Project
Poverty by America
You Could Make This Place Beautiful
By: Smith, Maggie
Stamped from the Beginning
By: Christian Gill, Joel
Better Living Through Birding
Dream Work
By: Oliver, Mary
What an Owl Knows
College Girl Missing
By: Cohen, Shawn
Out of the Sierra
By: Blanco, Victoria

Paperback Fiction

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters Book Two
By: Ferris, Emil
Carnivale of Curiosities
By: Gibbs, Amiee
Looking for a Sign
By: Dumond, Susie
Not in Love
By: Hazelwood, Ali
Memory of Animals
By: Fuller, Claire
Camp Damascus
By: Tingle, Chuck
Roman Stories
By: Lahiri, Jhumpa
Somebodys Fool
By: Russo, Richard
When the Moon Hatched
By: Parker, Sarah A

Hardcover Non-Fiction

Race to the Future
By: St Clair, Kassia
Willie Waylon and the Boys
By: Fairbanks, Brian
Call to Serve
By: Meacham, Jon
Sing Like Fish
By: Kingdon, Amorina
White Poverty
By: Barber, William J
Just Add Water
By: Ledecky, Katie
When the Sea Came Alive
By: Graff, Garrett M
Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones
By: Mattoo, Priyanka
This Earthly Globe
By: Di Robilant, Andrea

Hardcover Fiction

Four Squares
Author: Finger, Bobby
Middle of the Night
Author: Sager, Riley
Little Rot
Author: Emezi, Akwaeke
Cautious Travellers Guide to the Wastelands
Author: Brooks, Sarah
Author: Cusk, Rachel
Death in the Air
Author: Murali, Ram
Midnight Feast
Author: Foley, Lucy
Same As It Ever Was
Author: Lombardo, Claire
Pearce Oysters
Author: Takacs, Joselyn

Books Signed By Our Favorite Authors

George R. R. Martin Presents Wild Cards: Sleeper Straddle: A Novel in Stories
What We Leave Behind
George R R Martin Presents Wild Cards Pairing Up
My Father's List: How Living My Dad's Dreams Set Me Free
Dona Cleanwell Leaves Home
Gentleman of Jazz: A Life in Music
Age of Vice
Smitten Kitchen Keepers
Booze & Vinyl Vol 2
Just Help
Fire & Blood
Turtles All the Way Down
Starport Graphic Novel
Fire & Blood
Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition
Thing About Love
By The Numbers
Catching Air
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Paper Towns
Abundance of Katherines
Song of Ice and Fire #4 A Feast for Crows
Spinster Sisters
Looking for Alaska
Feast for Crows (Song of Fire and Ice #4)
I Sailed with Magellan
Fevre Dream
Dying of the Light
Coast of Chicago
Storm of Swords (Song of Fire and Ice #3)
Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two
Storm of Swords:Book Three
Clash Of Kings (Song of Fire and Ice #2)
Joy School
Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice #1)
Game of Thrones
Turtles All the Way Down

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Cloud Cuckoo Land
Harrow the Ninth
Abandoned Empress, Vol. 1 (Comic)
Poppy War
I Am a Wolf
Cruel Prince
Thursday Murder Club
Confederacy of Dunces
Song of Achilles
How to Be Perfect
Hello Beautiful
Psalm for the Wild-Built
Giovanni's Room
Desperate Characters
Family Lexicon
Heart So White
All Systems Red
Joan Is Okay
Born in Fire
All the Living and the Dead

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